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The RAVARDI enterprise (RAVARDI) is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, established in 2017 with the aim of enabling the agricultural producer to obtain equipment of European quality!

The company has modern production facilities. The production is equipped with modern welding and painting equipment and has a full cycle - from steel cutting to assembly of finished products.

Much attention is paid to the integration of global, advanced, manufacturing technologies and research in order to meet the demands of the market. A significant part of the production processes use robots - welders and CNC machines, providing the ability to maintain high quality during production.

The success of the company is based on such components as - strong and reliable equipment at the lowest possible price. To this day, RAVARDI remains a private company, which allows it to respond immediately to the changing needs of farmers.

All RAVARDI products are rigorously tested both on factory test benches and in the field.

The company attaches great importance to the professional service of the supplied equipment. We carry out commissioning, training of the buyer's personnel, warranty and post-warranty service. As well as providing the necessary spare parts without restrictions.

The service department consists of qualified and responsible personnel, equipped with the necessary equipment and vehicles.

RAVARDI specialize in the production of high quality DEEP series deep looseners / chisels for deep loosening of the soil, which break the soil at depth and destroy the plow pan, improve water circulation, promoting the growth of the root system.

Subsoilers RAVARDI DEEP contribute to the restructuring of the soil, its leveling and moisture conservation. The design of subsoilers makes it easy to penetrate into the deepest layers of the soil, with low energy consumption. Reliable and durable, RAVARDI DEEP subsoilers are able to withstand high loads and work in the most difficult conditions, working through any type of soil, including stony ones.

RAVARDI has become a brand valued by customers, it deserves trust and is in demand both in the domestic market and abroad. Our equipment is very easy to use with all brands of tractors and on any soil.

Thanks to their high performance, long service life and low operating costs, RAVARDI subsoilers will continue to be the choice of professional farmers all over the world.

The RAVARDI company annually takes part in international specialized agro-industrial exhibitions of agricultural machinery, demonstrating modern technologies in agriculture, and also gained wide popularity and received a worthy assessment of leading farms.

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The RAVARDI subsoilers of the DEEP series are equipped with branded Ravardi tines, which have a smooth geometry and a thickness of 36mm. made of high-strength steel, complete with BELLOTA working bodies, rollers with spikes, which are suitable for deep loosening and also have three positions for adjusting the roller (floating, fixed, spring-loaded).

The special shape of the tines ensures easy penetration into the soil and an excellent loosening and mixing effect. In one pass, the soil profile is loosened to a depth, and the soil surface is intensively mixed and leveled.

Subsoilers DEEP 300/7

Subsoilers / chisels RAVARDI of the DEEP series are designed for deep loosening of the soil, breaking the soil at a depth and destroying...

Subsoilers DEEP 250/5

Subsoilers / chisels RAVARDI of the DEEP series are designed for deep loosening of the soil, breaking the soil at a depth and destroying...

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