Subsoilers DEEP 250/5

Subsoilers / chisels RAVARDI of the DEEP series are designed for deep loosening of the soil, breaking the soil at a depth and destroying the plow pan, improve water circulation, promoting the growth of the root system. Subsoilers RAVARDI DEEP contribute to the restructuring of the soil, its leveling and moisture conservation.

The design of subsoilers makes it easy to penetrate into the deepest layers of the soil at low energy costs. Reliable and durable, RAVARDI DEEP subsoilers are able to withstand high loads and work in the most difficult conditions, working through any type of soil, including stony ones. The subsoiler is equipped with needle rollers, which allows you to control the depth of the cultivated soil and ensures its crushing and compaction.

Benefits of subsoilers

Three operations in one pass

  • Loosening compacted soil layers.
  • Incorporation of crop residues, destroying the plexus of roots.
  • Crushing, compaction and leveling of the soil.

High performance

  • Due to the smooth geometry of the working column, the units are characterized by lower fuel consumption and a reduced load on the tractor, which makes it possible to achieve a high working speed.
  • The paws easily penetrate the soil and loosen it without mixing different soil layers to a depth of 55 cm.
  • 2 rows of tines provide machine stability and precise depth control without the need for gauge wheels.
  • Racks with side knives (wings) perfectly mix the upper layers of the soil and loosen it in the plow zone.
  • Bolt-on central blade improves soil clod breaking, cuts through the top dense layer more efficiently.
  • The rear double self-cleaning spur roller perfectly crushes soil clods and levels, compacts, thereby creating conditions for the accumulation and preservation of moisture.

Robust construction

  • The frame of the units is made of high strength steel.
  • Key components use improved high-strength materials for a long service life.
  • High strength Ravardi work stand 36mm thick. with mechanical protection by means of a shear bolt.
  • Working bodies of the increased wear resistance of BELLOTA.
  • Premium bearings.

Possibility of adjustments

  • Three positions of tandem toothed rollers: floating, fixed, spring loaded.
  • The side wings of the tines can be adjusted in 2 height positions to achieve optimum incorporation of crop residues with different working depths.
  • Quick-release reinforced double-ended chisel for longer life, minimal wear and optimal functionality for the entire period of work.

Technical specifications Unit DEEP 250/5
Working width mm 2500
Transport width mm 2540
Transport height mm 1500
Overall unit length mm 2700
Working depth mm 250 - 550
Number of paws (racks) pcs
Step between paws mm 450
Number of rows of paws pcs 2
Distance between rows of paws mm 810
Rack thickness mm 36
Width of tine with chisel / with wingsи mm 70 / 326
Frame clearance mm 890
Performance ha/h 1,5 - 2,5
Tractor power * kW
110 - 155
150 - 210
Working speed km/h 7 - 12
Unit weight kg 1400
Working bodies BELLOTA
Color Red (powder coated)

* Recommended tractor power - may vary significantly depending on the depth of processing, soil conditions, slope of the site, wear of the working bodies and their adjustment.

Basic equipment
Universal 3-point linkage (set of pins)
Reinforced branded racks for working to a depth of 55 cm. RAVARDI
Stand thickness 36 mm
Replacement double-ended chisel BELLOTA
Reinforced side cutters 145 mm BELLOTA
Central knife (destroyer of lumps) BELLOTA
Safety bolts (5 spare bolts included)
Supports, 2 pcs.
Rear toothed (spur) rollers
Additional options
Optional set of hitch pins
Depth control wheels
Reinforced side cutters 145 mm BELLOTA
Replaceable reinforced double-sided chisel with BELLOTA hardfacing
Roller spring rods
Deep Fertilizer System
Safety bolts (optional)


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