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We produce high-quality deep looseners of the DEEP series for deep loosening of the soil.


The RAVARDI enterprise (RAVARDI) is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, established in 2017 with the aim of enabling the agricultural producer to obtain equipment of European quality!

RAVARDI specializes in the production of high-quality DEEP series subsoilers for deep loosening of the soil, breaking the soil at a depth and destroying the plow pan, improve water circulation, promoting the growth of the root system.

Subsoilers RAVARDI DEEP contribute to the restructuring of the soil, its leveling and moisture conservation. The design of subsoilers makes it easy to penetrate into the deepest layers of the soil at low energy costs. Reliable and durable, RAVARDI DEEP subsoilers are able to withstand high loads and work in the most difficult conditions, working through any type of soil, including stony ones.

High quality

In the manufacture of our equipment, only high-quality and reliable materials are used in accordance with all norms and requirements of operation.


We provide services for the commissioning of equipment, as well as a full range of service support - warranty and post-warranty service.


Depending on the needs of our client, an individual selection of components is possible, as well as constructive changes or improvements.

Subsoilers RAVARDI DEEP series

Subsoilers RAVARDI DEEP series are equipped with branded Ravardi tines, which have a smooth geometry and a thickness of 36mm. made of high-strength steel, complete with BELLOTA working bodies, rollers with spikes, which are suitable for deep loosening and also have three positions for adjusting the roller (floating, fixed, spring-loaded).

The special shape of the tines ensures easy penetration into the soil and an excellent loosening and mixing effect. In one pass, the soil profile is loosened to a depth, and the soil surface is intensively mixed and leveled.

Subsoiler RAVARDI DEEP 250/5
Subsoiler RAVARDI DEEP 300/7
Subsoiler RAVARDI DEEP 250/5
Subsoiler RAVARDI DEEP 300/7

Benefits of subsoilers

  •  The frame of the units is made of high-strength steel;
  •  Due to the smooth geometry of the working column, the units are characterized by lower fuel consumption and a reduced load on the tractor compared to competing analogues;
  •  High strength Ravardi work stand 36mm thick. with shear bolt protection;
  •  Working bodies of increased wear resistance BELLOTA;
  •  Adjustment of the side wings for additional loosening of the soil;
  •  Three positions of the roller: floating, fixed, spring-loaded;
  •  Double-row self-cleaning spur roller, providing high-quality soil grinding;
  •  Premium bearing assembly;


Service and support for Ravardi subsoilers!
The RAVARDI engineering and service service provides support for the supply of equipment and components, performs high-quality assembly and commissioning of equipment.
The RAVARDI technical support service will immediately respond to the claim and will qualitatively eliminate the malfunction, as well as carry out all diagnostic and preventive measures.
RAVARDI's warranty and service department performs warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the entire model range of equipment supplied in a quality manner and in the shortest possible time.

Media Gallery
Subsoilers RAVARDI series DEEP!

On our website you can visit the photo and video gallery of RAVARDI subsoilers of the DEEP series in operation!

Spare parts for subsoilers

RAVARDI offers a wide range of original and high-quality spare parts for subsoilers and working bodies, such as racks, chisels, side knives, central knives manufactured by Bellota (Spain).

To ensure rational and correct repair of equipment, it is necessary to use original spare parts that are suitable for the equipment in all respects. Individual features of all details matter. You cannot replace a cheap and low-grade part.


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